“New Art Strategies”

This program is directed at visual artists and its primary aim is to develop a wide-ranging and systematic understanding about the field of contemporary art which will be valuable for developing a career as an artist.

The main aims of the course are to develop in emerging artists the professional skills necessary to create contemporary art projects today and enable alongside this the development of clear professional goals, attitudes and knowledge.

The program is structured over two years. The program includes lecture and seminar-based courses in history and theory of contemporary art, workshops, group research projects, discussions and consultations with teachers. Within the educational program, students have the opportunity to get basic knowledge in history and theory of contemporary art, skills of orientation in the professional sphere and perception of their practices in the context of contemporary artistic process; acquire professional contacts with leading representatives of Russian and international art community. 

First academic year:

  • Lectures in theory and history of art and visual culture
  • Workshops with artists, curators and other representatives of artistic community
  • Seminars and discussions with theorists of art and art activists
  • Individual consultations
  • Interaction with institutions - Garage Museum, NCCA, MMOMA and others
  • Student exhibitions
  • Diploma project
  • Programs of international exchange
  • Summer school

Second academic year:

The program of the second year is designed for emerging artists and is focused on further development of their artistic practice. This involves:

  • Working in smaller groups with teachers
  • Intensive individual consultations
  • Group projects
  • Artistic research
  • Theoretical classes, essays on selected topics
  • Preparation of a personal exhibition project

The academic work undertaken at the ICA has led to the formation of a unique intellectual environment, stimulating dialogue and exchange of opinions between professional artists, critics, curators and art historians. Cycles of in-depth and highly specialized classes are developed in such way as to offer opportunities for a multilateral development of emerging artists’ talents and skills, contributing to their ability to master interdisciplinary and multimedia methods of work. The goal of this educational program is for emerging artists to develop their own projects with maturity and skill, construct their own professional identity as well as use a wide range of ideas, concepts and skills developed in multimedia and interdisciplinary work. Each artist is encouraged to develop to the fullest their own positions and unique potential.