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Selected lectures in contemporary art and philosophy. Texts of ICA. Volume I

The educational program of ICA “New artistic strategies” emerged in the end of 1990s. From the very beginning, it aimed to fill the knowledge gap of young artists with regard to contemporary artistic culture, its history, philosophy and theory. The series “Texts of ICA” reflects the structure of the main courses presented in the Institute on the philosophy of culture, history of art of XX century and art market. The first volume of “Texts of ICA” includes selected lectures in contemporary art and philosophy, which were taught within the program by Anna Arutyunova, Stas Shuripa and Keti Chukhrov.


Oleg Aronson, Helen Petrovsky. What is left from art. Texts of ICA. Volume II

This collection of articles by Oleg Aronson and Helen Petrovsky continues the introduction to the Russian art audience of ICA teachers’ texts dedicated to the actual problems of contemporary art and to those trends of philosophy of XX century which investigate the goals and meanings of aesthetic practices. Topics which are discussed in the articles and dialogues by Oleg Aronson and Helen Petrovsky help the reader to consciously interpret the contemporary art problems in the context of crisis of the foundations of neoliberal capitalism. 

Judgment Day, or the Problem of aesthetic judgment

The conference “Judgment Day, or the Problem of aesthetic judgment” took place in September 2012 and was dedicated to the new models of analysis of contemporary global processes in humanitarian knowledge. Sven-Olov Wallenstein, who was one of the initiators, formulated its idea in the following way: “It is often said today that the most influential trends in critical theory, which were based on models inherited from the tradition of dialectics, nihilism and opposition, begin to lose positions. Possibly, in order to stay in the zone of the contemporary, we should acquire the new flexible strategies”.

The book includes articles by Svetlana Boym, Sven-Olov Wallenstein, Christoph Menke, Helen Petrovsky, John Reichmann, John Roberts and Keti Chukhrov.