The ICA’s activities have developed in and through its interaction with other European art institutions, building international exchanges and partnerships.

Collaboration with partners within the international art scene and other Western academies has been important to the ethos behind the foundation of the institute. Many of the international collaborations resulted in student projects/exhibitions which were exhibited within the parallel program of the Moscow Biennale.  

J.Backstein, Director of ICA and Moscow Biennale: “The first academy we collaborated with was the Valand academy in Gothenburg. Our next partner was Städelschule in Frankfurt, which was headed for many years by Kasper Koenig (curator of Manifesta 2014 in St.-Petersburg).”

The collaborative projects with international partners included exhibitions, as well as students and teachers exchanges both inside and outside Russia.

The ICA has collaborated with the Royal College of Art, London for several years inviting students to the summer school.

In 2013, ICA’s main partner became the MA Fine Art at Goldsmiths College. In 2013 ICA invited British students to its summer school. In the following year APT Gallery (London) hosted an exhibition which featured 8 graduates of ICA and 8 graduates of Goldsmiths College. In addition to this, the students from ICA took part in a 10-day course at the Goldsmiths College in London: each day, attending several hours of lectures, seminars and workshops.

As Joseph Backstein says about the collaboration: “It is an attempt to return Russian art to the international art scene via permanent and intensive contacts with our colleagues from Europe and America.”