22/03 - 23/04

Daria Babashkina, Maria Bovykina, Alina Glazoun, Alexander Zhuravlev, Dasha Zonova, Kate Isaeva, Petr Kirusha, Ekaterina Lupanova, Roman Mokrov, Misha Nikatin, Obukhova Masha, Maria Pokrovskaya, Kolya Saprykin, Protey Temen, Fedya Ivanov, Katya Etush. 


Curators: Alexander Zhuravlev and Alina Glazunov


CCI Fabrika

Love Sacred, Profane, sort of.

We will not try to define permanent attributes of such thing as love or to illustrate them somehow. Our aim is to find out, what can be done today in the name of love, or because of its absence. Even in ancient times there was no clear definition of love. But even then it was more or less clear who should be called “beloveds”. Thus what we encounter in everyday practice does not necessarily have its reflection in theory. The practice as a possibility to improve oneself contradicts common understanding of scientific theory, as positivists’ studies show. In our love affairs we often meet the inapplicability of our theories, previous experience and even our practical skills. At that point we reach highest result in practice and enrich our understanding of love. In the same manner disputes reveal truth, when all lances are broken, argumentation has reached an absurd degree, and spectators lost their interest in show.