11/07 - 11/08

Специальный проект ИПСИ "Практики/ пространства" в рамках Московской международной биеннале молодого искусства. Персональная выставка Яна Тамковича "Автономные реплики"


Куратор Стас Шурипа


ЦТИ «Фабрика»,
Студия Яна Тамковича 

Practices / spaces


The new exhibition program of the Institute of Contemporary Art will include the personal shows by young artists dedicated to the studies of the social spaces. The graduates of the Institute, many of whom have become the most active representatives of the Moscow art scene, are presenting the projects in which turning to the specific and local is creating the conditions for reflection on the globally significant processes, such as the role of art in contemporary society, influence of communication technologies on culture, and social interactions. All exhibitions included in the program are results of reflection on the formation of the professional identity, and at the same time they articulate the certain way that the young author is finding to describe the reality, and its potential still has to be realized.

                Working with the space supposes the openness to the variety of the cultural meanings, images and narratives that comprise it. Methods and optics of the artistic point of view are able to expand the usual range of what we notice in the flow of everyday life, and the artistic metaphor is becoming the form of social connection that opens the opportunities for meeting the unexpected even in the most familiar circumstances.

                In the installation “Autonomous replicas” by Yan Tamkovich, the narration about the sources of avant-garde and contemporary logistic systems create the network of associations that are disguising themselves in the atmosphere of post-industrial elegy. The artist is transforming the space of his studio, located at the Fabrika Center of Creative Industries, into the environment saturated with meanings, opening the possibilities for unexpected reconstructions of selected moments in the history of art. Tamkovich is giving the right of narration to this multilayered space itself; filled with traces of diverse phenomena and forces, not only it becomes the machine of interpretations, but also acquires features of subjectivity. Staging scenes from the history of modernism, re-reading of the cubists’ or fauvists’ visual idioms serve as the tools for studying the role that the gaze or perception have in the life of contemporary societies.

                The project “Methodology of exhibition event” by Ekaterina Lupanova is constructed around the experiments with conventional exhibition space. The artist concentrates her attention on the politics of representation and conditions of existence of the art in social systems. The exhibition hall presents itself as a medium of communication including society, its image of itself and the expectations directed to the figure of artist. The vocabulary of social interactions, which is embodied in the objects of architecture and design, becomes the source of material for constructing the situations where the very possibility of aesthetic experience becomes the object of critical observation. Exploring the erased, barely visible signals that penetrate the public spaces, Ekaterina Lupanova exposes the schemes and scenarios that allow us to see the surrounding world in the familiar system of social and cultural coordinates.

                                                                                                                                  (Stas Shuripa)