08/10 - 04/11

The project is a part of the UK-Russia Year of Culture 2014
Artists: Natalia Alexander, Olga Butenop, Maria Colina-Perez, Sarah Duffy, Carl Ghent, Maria Gorodeckaya, Julia Gorostidi, Ekaterina Isaeva, Jasmine Johnson, Daria Kalugina, Elena Kholkina, Irina Kravchina, Elena Martynenko, Dorine van Meel, Elena Minaeva, Daria Neretina, Mandy Niewohner, Pavel Otdelnov, Sarah Pager, Vera Papadopoulou, Alia Pathan, Anton Permjakov, Ksenia Plisova, Elaine Reynolds, Shelby Seu Abri de Swardt.

Curator: Anna Zhurba 

Address: Baltiyskaya st. 9
Opening hours: Wednesday –Sunday 13.00-19.00
Exhibition ICA Moscow students and the University of Goldsmiths

The original impulse for this project came from the statement made by Jeff Wall, one of the most important contemporary photographers. According to his idea the exhibition space should combine light and darkness, day and night, a "white cube" and a "black box", in other words - to consist of "solar and lunar departments”. 
Exhibition "Space of no exception" - is an attempt to expand this idea and create a reverse projection from the world of art into a real life. Bringing together works created in different media, that represent subjectivities of the artists with different histories, we create a space in which the material and mental worlds don’t cause antagonism but rather co-exist, exposing the inevitability of interdependence and mutual influence. 
The project represents the ideas of young generation of international artists on the possibility of transformation the world of rigid binary oppositions into the multifaceted world, where one sees the whole range of available solutions. After all, the adoption of "black" and "white" opens a new perspective on the space enclosed between them in all its entirety and diversity. 
The exhibition "Space of no exceptions" represents the results of the biennial program of creative exchange between the students of the Institute of Contemporary Art, Moscow and Goldsmiths College, London, the leading institutions in the field of fine art education in their countries.

Special thanks to Tsukanov Family Foundation for their support of the exhibition and exchange program between Goldsmiths College (London) and the Institute of Contemporary Art (Moscow).